Audiobook Launch

Come join us in celebrating the launch of our new audiobooks, including all our poetry titles up until this year, on Saturday October 1, at 3:00 PM.
Roxanna Bennett's "unmeaningable"

  • Tom Prime / Gary Barwin's "A Cemetery for Holes"
  • Danny Jacobs' "Sourcebooks for Our Drawings"
  • Mike Chaulk's "Night Lunch"
  • Amy LeBlanc's "I know something you don't know"
  • Travis Lane's "Keeping Count"
  • Lily Wang's "Saturn Peach"
  • Khashayar Mohammadi's "Me, You, Then Snow"
  • Roxanna Bennett's "The Untranslatable I"
  • A. F. Moritz's "The Garden"
  • Kevin Heslop's "the correct fury of your why is a mountain"
  • MLA Chernoff's [Squelch Procedures]
  • Ayaz Pirani's "How Beautiful People Are"

We'll have short readings by many of the authors, and a giveaway for some of the new audiobooks as well.

The event is free, but people will need to register through Eventbrite –

You can find more information through the Facebook event page –

We acknowledge the support of The Canada Council for the Arts in the production and promotion of the audiobooks.