Spring 2021 Ebooks Now Available

Our Spring 2021 titles are now also available as pdf ebooks!

Now you can take the goodness of Khashayar Mohammadi's Me, You, The Snow (https://www.gordonhillpress.com/collections/titles/products/me-you-then-snow), A. F. Moritz's The Garden (https://www.gordonhillpress.com/collections/titles/products/the-garden), Concetta Principe's Stars Need Counting (https://www.gordonhillpress.com/collections/titles/products/stars-need-counting), or Roxanna Bennett's The Untranslatable I (https://www.gordonhillpress.com/collections/titles/products/the-untranslatable-i) and keep it with you wherever your favourite device is.

And they're just $10 each!