What We Think We Know Is Available for Preorder

Aaron Schneider's debut collection of short fiction, What We Think We Know, is now available for preorder.

What We Think We Know is a collection that tests, expands, and sometimes explodes the limits of the short story, setting conventional forms alongside fragmented narratives, playing with perspective, and incorporating the instruments of data analysis (figures, tables and charts) into literary fiction. Here you’ll find a satirical take on a scientific poster, a triptych of linked pieces that use footnotes, figures, and financial data to unfold the loves, dreams and disappointments of their shared protagonist, an autofiction novella that digs into the author’s fraught relationship with his father, and a lyrical novelette that explores the life of a family through an extended description of their home. At once experimental and deeply human, What We Think We Know is an accomplished exploration of the possibilities of fiction

It will be forthcoming in Fall of 2021.