Gordon Hill Press

Gordon Hill Press is a publisher of poetry and stylistically innovative fiction, non-fiction, and literary criticism (especially concerning poetry). We strive to include a wide diversity of writers and writing, particularly writers living with disability. We want to publish exemplary writing.

Shane Neilson, Editor – shane@gordonhillpress.com

Shane Neilson is a writer from New Brunswick. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Guelph at Guelph-Humber, an MA in English from the University of Guelph, and a PhD in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster.

He has extensive editorial experience in Canadian Literature, serving as the editor of Frog Hollow Press, a Victoria-based chapbook press for almost twenty years and counting; a prose editor at Anstruther Press, a Toronto-based chapbook press; an associate editor at Hamilton Arts & Letters, a mighty online magazine based out of Hamilton; and he is the Poetry Advisor at the Canadian Medical Association Journal. In addition, Shane has worked with several Canadian presses to ready manuscripts for publication. Shane has edited many of the poets and poetry critics at the forefront of Canadian literature and has a wealth of experience that he brings to bear with both poetry and nonfiction manuscripts. Shane does not freelance and only works closely with writers publishing with Frog Hollow, Anstruther, Hamilton Arts & Letters, and Gordon Hill Press.

You can find out more about what he's up to in his own writing life here: https://difficulttogetthenewsfrompoems.ca.

Jeremy Luke Hill, Publisher – jeremy@gordonhillpress.com

Jeremy Luke Hill was born in Guelph, Ontario. He completed both a BA and an MA in English Literature at the University of Guelph, and he's been working in the city's literary scene ever since. He founded Vocamus Writers Community, a non-profit organization that promotes book culture in the Guelph area. He also founded Vocamus Press, a local-centric micro-publisher that specializes in Guelph literature. Founding Gordon Hill Press as a national trade publisher is his next step in building literary capacity in the area.

Vannessa Barnier, Publicist – publicity@gordonhillpress.com 

Vannessa Barnier is an instigator, organizer, and facilitator.

Vannessa attended the publishing program at Centennial College after receiving a B.A. from McMaster University in English Literature, Cultural Studies, and Critical Theory. Vannessa has diverse experience in the industry, first interning in the audiobook department at Kobo, then selling books at House of Anansi's brick and mortar shop, assisting with programming and panel building for the Word on the Street festival, to working in marketing for University of Toronto Press, and most recently, working as a publicist for ECW Press. With knowledge of all of these facets of the business, Vannessa has a good understanding of the pipelines, individuals, and minutiae of the publishing industry.

Vannessa's experience extends into the community, as a curator of writing workshops, and host of the summer open mic reading series, Legible Intelligibles, since 2016.

Vannessa is enthusiastic and dedicated to championing the writing of marginalized voices.

Carol Dilworth, Proofreader

Carol Dilworth did undergraduate studies at Western University and holds Masters degrees from the University of Toronto and Victoria University. Carol’s most memorable work experience was in Latvia after independence. She has also worked in Australia. A Guelphite for twenty-five years, Carol reads at Open Mic and had an award-winning poem published in FreeFall. But Carol’s best qualification to be our proofreader is that she attended elementary school when youngsters were drilled in grammar. And composition. And times tables.