Steffi Tad-y's From the Shoreline Is Now Available for Preorder

Steffi Tad-y's debut full length collection of poetry, From the Shoreline, is now available for preorder -

Steffi's debut collection brings forward diasporic experience as it intersects with mental illness. Family history and work lyrics occur against a tonal backdrop of the carceral. Yet Tad-y brings a tenderness to these fraught circumstances, finding beauty in detail and repetitive acts of love, in part due to the use of a multiplicity of forms that render a surplus of affect into beautiful images. Though danger properly exists in Tad-y's world, her poetry takes its own advice in "Writer's Archive": "Look. Enough. Each full stop unspooling / the cardinal & bluebird privacy of things."

From the Shoreline will be available in Spring 2022.