Honey the Medicine: in medias res

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Accompanied by work from Kim Harrison and Mita Giacomini, in medias res is the sixth collaboration between photographer Derek Boswell and poet Kevin Andrew Heslop. It was shown at Westland Gallery, June 27 to July 15..

Pairing Boswell's comprehensive analytic genius and profound artistic talent with titles like "Mr. Sunshine List," lines like "Those of us who might assume to speak / for those of us who haven't voices we // haven't listened closely enough to / the gasp they make amid our paradise," and an intense exchange between a 911 dispatcher relaying help to a fentanyl overdose, the work addresses the intersecting crises of austerity towards human homelessness, addiction, and mental illness in the core of downtown London, Ontario as synecdoche for broader societal trends around the world which extend naturally from the logics of ecocidally anthropocentric oligarchy.

Published by Gordon Hill Press, the poems were printed on paper embedded with wildflower seeds, an optimistic material suggestion that we might address the crises of our time by considering cradle-to-cradle design—that is, the manufacture of garbage-free products which anticipate their own generative return to the earth.
They are not for sale.