I know something you don't know

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* Winner of the 2020 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta's Emerging Artist Award

* Shortlisted for the 2021 Alberta Literary Awards Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry

* Long shortlisted for the 2021 ReLit Awards

Amy LeBlanc’s debut poetry collection, I know something you don’t know, resides in the intersection of folklore and femininity. With fairy-tale lucidity and fluid voice, the poems in this collection weave through the seams between story and fact. This debut collection is alluring and noxious like hemlock, foxglove, and blooming wildflowers.

"Armed with an unusual eye for beauty, Amy LeBlanc rejects traditional notions of personhood in I Know Something You Don’t Know, and instead reworks characters from mythology and folklore to create formidable new avatars. Even if there are moments where LeBlanc “dress[es] disease / in linen gloves,” there’s no escaping the virulent impact of her narratives, or the full-force of her superb debut." - Jim Johnstone, editor of The Next Wave: An Anthology of 21st Century Canadian Poetry

“Upon first encounter with Amy LeBlanc’s work, one is transported to a world where nature, flesh, and a keen observation of quiet moments collide to create a body of work that trembles with a humble intelligence, aided by undeniably rich language. In a land of lungs, rib cages, and kidneys, strewn about flowers and surveilled by attentive birds, LeBlanc is the master puppeteer of a carefully crafted and fascinating world where luridness is tender and imagination is wild.” – Afieya Kipp, Editor in Chief of Vessel Press

"The poems in this collection are incantatory—their rhythms and themes lull readers into an alternate world where spells and potions ensnare the senses." – The Anti-Languorous Project

"LeBlanc paints women as complex and frightening, secretive and forceful: women who know what it means to be broken, to bleed, and to generate strength, a sort of sorcery, from the very visceral quality of this bleeding." – Erica McKeen, Canthius

"Amy LeBlanc’s debut poetry collection, I know something you don’t know, is a magical journey. LeBlanc has a natural eye for beauty, and even the darkest moments of the collection’s poems entice the reader to journey further into the work. I know something you don’t know transports the reader to another world; one from a poet who wields her imagination powerfully, with immense control and intent." – David Ly, PRISM international