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In | Appropriate is a collection of interviews with Canadian authors, exploring how they work through questions of difference, identity, and appropriation in their writing.

Edited by Kim Davids Mandar, and introduced by Daniel Heath Justice, the collection features interviews with Ian Williams, Ayelet Tsabari, Sanchari Sur, Eden Robinson, Jael Richardson, Waubgeshig Rice, Amanda Leduc, Chelene Knight, Mahak Jain, Wayne Grady, Alicia Elliott, Farzana Doctor, Michael Crummey, Arif Anwar, and Angie Abdou.

The interviews address questions of appropriation that go beyond race and culture, extending also to gender, sexuality, ability, age, and other categories of difference. They ask how writers work to represent an increasingly diverse and complex culture in ways that avoid falling into appropriation.

"Profound and meaningful." – Botao Wu for Canadian Literature

"In | Appropriate is a vulnerable, deeply human introduction to one of the most difficult yet needed conversations of our time." – Ashley Hynd

"In | Appropriate puts you at the heart of one of the most important culture-creating conversations of our time. These discussions cannot be summarized, and that is why they are so beautiful and crucial. Nuance, complexity and context makes all the difference when we talk about writing difference. Thank goodness for this book, which gives us full conversations to deepen our experience. Everybody should read this, especially writers and readers of fiction." – Sarah Selecky, author of Radiant Shimmering Light

"Guided by the wise and generous Kim Davids Mandar, In | Appropriate is the conversation about writing that we need right now. A collection as compelling as it is urgent, these nuanced and intimate discussions with some of our brightest writers together act as a wayfinder in what has been, to this point, uncharted territory. Through empathy and experience, In | Appropriate offers a way to move forward." – Emily Urquhart, author of Beyond the Pale