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In [SQUELCH PROCEDURES], MLA Chernoff contemplates the ways that trauma, poverty, and strict gender norms rupture the concept of childhood. The tension of multiple meanings in the word “squelch” acts as a guide to Chernoff’s unique voice, which uses language to swaddle intrusive thoughts and mimic defense mechanisms such as avoidance, depersonalization, and derealization. [SQUELCH PROCEDURES] is an ambitious attempt to show how healing and regression are often indistinguishable, while the past is always predisposed to happen more than once: first as tragedy, then as farce.

"The MLAlien mode is potent, balloon at brink of burst, a little helium backwash leak squeak to its timbre. MLA’s work is like licking a battery that puts language into question and tailspin (every freshly flatfooted step asquelching audibly), a ludic brain-barrier breach for readers to help us kill our inner-cops, our shame." – Benjamin C. Dugdale for The Puritan

"The strength of Chernoff’s poetic is the ability to move in so many directions while holding to a singular purpose, writing against impossibility into a language of complex thought." – rob mclennan on rob mclennan's blog

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"This work is sheer genius. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on reading [Squelch Procedures]. It’s a wildly original, completely absorbing, fabulous collection." – "Lisa de Nikolits for The Minerva Reader