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* Winner of the 2020 Trillium Book Award for Poetry

* Winner of the 2020 Raymond Souster Award

* Shortisted for 2020 Pat Lowther Award

Unmeaningable welcomes you to the freak show, where the monster on display is a culture that stigmatizes sickness and a system that shames the sufferer. Behold the wonder of the ages, a human mind in a human body, dissected and displayed for entertainment. Witness the ritual of surgical sacrifice! Observe the indignity of institutionalization! Be astounded by the indifference of ableism and ignorance! This uncanny collection of “crippled” sonnets features a thrilling display of cannibals, chimeras, and the crucial question: What meaning can be made of a life lived in pain and isolation?

"Bold, candid and defiant, Roxanna Bennett’s Unmeaningable is a startling examination of the “self’s need to be fixed / or named.” Through emphatic, headlong diction and images, Bennett documents the struggles of illness and isolation, armed with battered faith and searing introspection. Both despairing and brave, these poems are unforgettable."  – Trillium Book Award for Poetry Jury

"In Bennett’s work, there is a sense that she has listened too long to normative expectations, and by cracking the sonnet she is also cracking the pain of a shell that does not allow her pain its due." – Robert Colman, PRISM international