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brat is an anthology of forest creatures, lost girls, and tiny precious moments. In this collection of poetry, smallness begets uprising, rats signify life rather than death, and bunnies are slutty woodland sprites. brat makes smallness into power, resilience, and survival. In these poems, to be a brat is to be a scamp, an upstart, an agent of mischief: to cause trouble; to riot; to right wrongs; to enact change because it is right, regardless of a corrupt legal system. If brathood is the irreverent claiming of ownership over all good things, then this collection is the quintessential brat.

"Blunt, dark, and endearing, brat is a delightfully nihilistic portrait of a person who can’t figure out what to call themself. Cumslut? Baby? Predator? Prey? Zillennials will recognize this as a sacred text that marries Gen Z cynicism and wit with Millennial resilience and naivety. The speaker has charmingly little regard for their life, and when you read the book you’ll know what I mean: “nobody cums barbed wire / anymore. it’s like they want me intact!” But just when you think there’s no hope for them, they turn around with the wisdom of an old witch wearing jeggings and smoking a ciggy to tell you all about beauty. Sophie Crocker has done spectacular voice work with their psychedelic debut, and is a poet whose fresh formal aesthetic will inspire readers to lean a little into chaos." – Molly Cross-Blanchard, author of Exhibitionist 

"Sophie Crocker's Brat is a bright, blaring, beautiful testament to survival and joy. If "love is only a horizon," we are what happens after and we are worth celebrating. Teeth-baringly brilliant, ferociously funny, this debut collection is a gift for bookworms and brats alike. I can't wait to reread each and every astrology poem as we cycle around the stars, as we take our long walks, as we prove we are irresistible and believe it."– Sanna Wani, author of My Grief, the Sun