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Disorder, the newest collection of poetry from Concetta Principe, explores the metaphorical relationship between the home and the mind, where a home should be place of sanctuary but can have its safe borders destabilized by mental illness. The poems work through these questions with Principe's characteristic subtlety, intelligence – a nuanced and compassionate meditation on what it means to be at home.

"Principe offers poems not as the opposite of “order,” but through a structure requiring its own attention, composing crafted lyrics on what isn’t a problem to be solved but a difference of perspective." – rob mclennan 

"Writing from a “psychic house without borders,” Concetta Principe both mimics “normal” life and pushes back against the status quo in Disorder. These are poems that concentrate the lyric, taking a sledgehammer to the brick wall of social conformity." - Jim Johnstone, author of The King of Terrors

"Disorder is Concetta Principe’s riveting odyssey of self-discovery. As the author unveils raw and relatable experiences, readers will find themselves entangled in the uncomfortable roots of these compelling struggles. Principe’s resonant and tactile glimpses of pain and grief are layered and woven deep inside each haunting thread of body, memory, and truth." - Carla Harris, author of Obtain No Proof