Me, You, Then Snow

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* Longlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award

Me, You, Then Snow by Khashayar Mohammadi is a collection of poetry woven from dreams, memories and deep-seeded longing, a collection of poetry that ranges from ambiguously addressed love-letters, to ekphrastic poems for arthouse cinema, to pieces written near midnight when the day’s experiences rush back into view. Though working in diverse forms and styles, the poetry manifests as a profoundly unified desire to experience and communicate the world.

"Queer punk pubs, porn, philosophy, and cinema are dissected & refracted with exquisite tenderness in the coldly brilliant fire that is Khashayar Mohammadi’s You, Me, Then Snow. From the quotidian to the cosmic, like a kestrel in a turquoise sky, Mohammadi’s poems soar in dizzying, dazzling ecstasy. Vulnerable, intimate, darkly comedic, and terrifyingly intelligent, this collection of the “borderline metaphysical” will get you wet, erect, then break your heart, leaving you desperate for more." — Roxanna Bennett, author of Unmeaningable

"Cinematic, sensuous, and deeply perceptive, Me, You, Then Snow turns assumptions of language inside out and celebrates the curiosity of the translingual. Seemingly straightforward language is made to recoil from meaning, then transgress, expand, and flourish across linguistic, geographic, and interior landscapes. Khashayar Mohammadi is an exceptional new voice, and a poet whose writing excites me." — Klara du Plessis, author of Unfurl

"Mohammadi knows language is a flawed system and makes it his plaything..., toys with words and phrases, flipping them on their head." — Jordan Prato, in ARC Magazine