The Untranslatable I

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* Shortlisted for Governor General's Award for Poetry 2022

* Shortlisted for the Trillium Award for Poetry 2022

* Winner of the Raymond Souster Award 2022

* Longlisted for Pat Lowther Memorial Award 2022

* CBC Best Canadian Poetry 2021

In unmeaningable, her previous Trillium Poetry Award winning book with Gordon Hill Press, Roxanna Bennett renovated the North American disability poetics canon via her queer fusion of invisible and visible disability identities. The Untranslatable I builds on Roxanna's acute sense of form and cripping of myth by establishing a more reflective, heartbreaking voice that asks, "Was I chosen? Is this a gift or a curse?" and provides answers not as prescribed path or cure, but as beautiful song.

"A triumph of art over duress... it vibrates with struggles of illness and isolation while creating its own disability poetics.” – Raymond Souster Award Jury

"Through emphatic, headlong diction and images, Bennett documents the struggles of illness and isolation, armed with battered faith and searing introspection. Both despairing and brave, these poems are unforgettable."  – Trillium Book Award for Poetry Jury

"Bennett guides us into a looking-glass-esque world of allusion, cross-connection, and hyper-coherence that flirts with, but does not descend into, incoherence." – Kathy Mac for the Windsor Review