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WJD is an irreverent phenomenology of West-Asia, where Islamicate consciousness is driven in and out of a plethora of conflicting ideologies and has left an impression deep enough to be read across the centuries. It also includes The OceanDweller, a translation of Saeed Tavanaee Marvi's experimental tale of the power of poetry dipped in marine biology and shades of astronomy.

The two volumes are printed together, one beginning from each side, with its own cover, making a unique and beautiful book.

"The poems are singular in their bubbling richness; an intensity that punches as it delights, plucks at the darkness but also, proffers a hard-won hope." – Hollay Ghadery for Carousel Magazine

"Mohammadi’s work presents something simultaneously momentous and haunting." – Jevan Konya for Acta Victoriana

"In WJD, Mohammadi moves us through geographies, cultures, literary traditions, personal and political history, and bodyminds in ways that are at times violent, at times delicate, and always affecting. These fluid poems confidently strive at "nailing thoughts to an ocean," and the results are nothing short of breathtaking." – Dominik Parisien, author of Side Effects May Include Strangers